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Living Shoes are custom built using plaster casts of your own feet. 

Quality:  Best material and craftsmanship

Comfort:  Make walking a pleasure again

StyleS: Multiple variations  to choose from

Total Care: EverythinG you’ve ever wanted in one perfect shoe

Living Shoes

Every single pair of shoes we make are built using a replica cast of your feet. Everything from the length, width, and arch of the shoes are made to your exact dimensions. This means that every unique feature of your feet is accommodated, ensuring the best possible fit and total comfort.


Dr. Michael Lowhorn
July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

Dear prospective clients:

Alan Kleinman, owner of Kleinman’s Living Shoes, is a friend and colleague. Mr. Kleinman has made custom shoes for patients in my podiatric practice for more than 35 years.

Mr. Kleinman is a man of wit, enthusiasm, and character which makes him a pleasure to work with. His skill in creating shoes for the most difficult to fit can only be described as limb saving. Patient’s who have suffered severe trauma causing disfigurement often with partial amputations, diabetic patients with foot insensitivity to pain and debilitation with difficult to heal foot ulcers, and yes people, with no particular foot problems, like myself who wore Kleinman shoes for 35 years because of the unbelievable comfort.

I give the highest recommendation to Mr. Kleinman for his tireless pursuit of the highest quality foot wear I have seen anywhere in the country.


Michael W. Lowhorn, DPM

Kleinman's Living Shoes


Living shoes are entirely different from any factory-made shoes you have known, they are custom built entirely by hand to conform to every line and curve of your foot. Don't spend another day with unneccessary foot pain, make an appointment with us today and learn how we can help!

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